The community for up-and-coming CTOs 

 D-CODE is here to fill some gaps.


Have you noticed that at almost every startup event, it’s the CEO who speaks?

Have you noticed that CTOs only talk at tech meetups?

Yet most CTOs have been there from day one. They should be talking about their own entrepreneurial adventure, too, not only about tech.

 Role models 

Who is the CTO of Facebook? Amazon? Uber?

The “entrepreneur” is always represented by the CEO.

The CTO is invisible, even though so many of them are amazing leaders.

D-code is here so they can share their experiences.


Aspiring tech leaders don't have an inter-generational, entrepreneurial community.

If you want to learn how to be a great CTO, you won't find a lot of resources.

D-code provides that welcoming, instructive place to gather and learn.

D-CODE is private (but not always).

D-code is a community specifically for 3 types of tech leaders


Launching and building a company in the next 6 months


Starting, first hires


Managing teams

We believe that by actually mixing these generations of CTOs, great changes can happen.


Learning never ends, no matter what stage you’re at.
We’ll make sure you can learn with peers and by listening/talking to people with both more and less experience.


Some events will still be open to the public & free to anyone who wants to come. And of course our content will be the same!

 D-CODE comes from a fusion.

“At Side, I was the only coder of the band at the beginning, so naturally, I became the “CTO” but it was more a means than an end in itself.


For me, being a CTO is a strange mixture that requires a lot of adaptation because you have to code first, then find people with whom to code, then organize the team, etc., always with the aim of bringing the power and philosophy of the Product to the service of the Business.”

“By working on The Family’s events & content I realised that I was meeting a lot of CEOs, literally all the time, but never CTOs.

I wanted to learn more about that role and discovered a lot of things.


Wanting to dive into what tech leadership truly means today led me to co-found D-code with Hugo: The safe space for anyone who is or wants to become an entrepreneurial CTO.”

 As speakers 

 we already got the CTOs of... 

 CTOs are just as much entrepreneurs 

 as CEOs are. 

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